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The McGinn Ranch is a family-owned working cattle ranch located in the Sandhills Region of Nebraska. It was founded in the 1880's and is still run by 3rd and 4th generation ranchers of the McGinn family. 


The McGinn's have infused a welcoming spirit into their operation of the ranch. If one has the opportunity to spend time there, it becomes evident that the lands are very much a living organism, alive in every way.  Walk the prairie that encapsulates the ranch property, and one senses the life and energy that emanates from within.  It faces constant assault and interaction with the elements of weather, be it storms, drought, or blizzards. But on one of the many serene and tranquil days that covers the land, the feeling of contentment and being one with our planet is fuel for the soul.

The Zen Ranch Story
The Forward Guard
The Long Walk
Laron's friends
The Pasture Gate
Poo Takes a Lickin'
Moonrise over Barn
Off for a Ride
Organic Feeding
Morning Dust
The American West
There's Always More Fence to Fix
Bottle Feeding
Paths of Ancestors
Catching Rays
Spring Sparrow
Driven by the Wind
Mothers Care
The Elder
Ocean of Grass
Ranch Horses
In the Corral

Unless indicated, all photos copyright Georg Joutras

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